Language Arts Projects

Title: Survivor Island: Creative Writing in Minecraft


Overview: Students play singleplayer Minecraft and write a diary about their experience.


Objective:  The main objective is to use a game to enhance students' creative writing skills adhering to the Six Traits of Writing.  Students write a diary detailing the events happening in their game.  They are to develop the scenario that places them in the environment (plane crash, boat sinking, etc.)  They need to write about their experience as if they were in a "real" environment.  Students need to describe their experience in terms what would occur in the real world  (e.g. zombies may be hostile natives of the area,  skeletons maybe strange native animals,  dying and respawning can be explained as being knocked out and awakening, etc.).


     Gameplay Guidelines:



Lesson Plan:




Game: Mojang Minecraft

Introduction Video: Vareide's  YouTube Video: "Minecraft Fanmade Trailer v2"

Instructional Video:  Bob Mills' YouTube Video "Minecraft Short and Sweet Redux (1.4.2) - An orientation film by mmillss"

Survival Guide (Pictures and Information from Minecraftwiki)



Survival Guide

Minecraft Rubric


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Examples of Journals: