Manor Challenge

Manor Challenge


Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it (*mission impossible music playing in the background*):

You're a scientist working on a highly classified project and you need to conduct future research. Not wishing to raise suspicions from anyone around you, you need a private laboratory custom built in a remote location.


The design needs to feature the following:


Also note that the design needs to fit within two Towny plots (a 16 X 32 block area), however there are no limits to height or depth.  It should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and needs to be an original design.


Once completed, students will need to create a machinima tour of their project, highlighting how they fit each of the areas above in a 16 X 32 block space.


SAACrafter7's Video



SAACrafter5's Video


See the rest of the class videos at: