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2012-2013 Minecraft Maps

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This past semester, my students have been completing custom maps as part of our Minecraft elective class.   Two teams of two have been working on Civil War battlefield maps for their American History project.  Their assignment was to research one of the major battles using the National Parks Service site as one of their sources.  One team chose the Battle of Gettysburg and the other chose the Battle of Atlanta.  Students had to meet certain class requirements for their History class as well as for my class.  For the History class project presentation, students will have to  know what led to the battle, why it was fought, dates, commanders, strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, significance of particular battle, etc.  As part of my assignment, I asked my students to build a replica of the current museum for each of these battles and to complete a video tour that would cover the presentation requirements for their History class.  To view the tours of the battlefields, click on the videos below.




Two other students chose to do an carnival project.  You can check their video tour below as well.



Prior to this, each of the students had to complete a Manor Challenge build. 

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